Did anyone notice missing windows on 747?

Source- https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/fe/Northwest_Airlines_Boeing_747-400.jpg

Source - http://www.airlinereporter.com/2012/05/lufthansa-airlines-takes-delivery-of-their-first-boeing-747-8-intercontinental/
Did anyone notices that these 747s are missing some windows? Can someone explain me why they are there?Also if it isn’t good in #real-world-aviation should I move it to #general ?


Nope, never noticed it. Correction, I have. I misunderstood this topic. It’s lavatories or galleys. Or something along those lines.


Probably lavatories or something in the way

No there are Seats see the seat map https://www.seatguru.com/airlines/Lufthansa/Lufthansa_Boeing_747_8_V3.php

No, there is stuff that aren’t seats that don’t require windows.

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Row 16,18,19,20(there is no row 17) only have 3 rows of windows

Then I’m unsure. I stand with what I said. Sorry, I could be wrong though.

Actually, the LH 748 that you mentioned in a picture has the stairs in the gap between windows, hence the gap. Closets, lavatories, and other spaces that don’t have seats (such as the gap between a seat and the bulkhead) commonly have either no window shade and/or are painted over simply because they don’t need it to function as a window.

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Must be emergency seats… or lavatories…
If it’s not then… xD

In 737 i was unlucky to have a row with no windows.

Probably galleys. Or transition of classes. (Business to Economy, for example)

My iPad display is glitchy so if spelling errors come then don’t blame me

Same happened to me once

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There could be air ducts or wiring running behind the walls which is why you might find a window blank.

Why would you want a window on a Lavatory or Cafe???

Is that not because one is a -400 and the other a -8i? Different models of aircraft?

I think i know what you mean. On the ERJ 175 im flying on in June, row 14 is has no window but its a seat. But on the 747 sometimes they place the crew rest area like that, or maybe the airline has multiple variations and one has seats and one is lavatory.

i changed my seat to 12A btw, i need that window especially since i flying solo.

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