Did anyone flew short flight to another airport in the same city in IF Servers (Expert or Training)?

In curiosity, did anyone flew short flights to another airport in the same city? In the Expert Server or Training Server
In Los Angels: KLAX —> KHHR or KHHR —> KCPM
In San Francisco: KSFO —> KSJC or KSFO —> KOAK

Back when multiplayer first came out with regions, it was always KHAF - KSFO.


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I believe I flew a B77W from LFPO to LFPG once.
Plane had to be brought to the AFI KLM E&M hangar for some landing gear fixes.
Is that short enough of a flight to qualify under the scope of your request? ;)


Yes this is interesting! ATC controllers would be confused with that kinds of flight plans I am talking about in the main post 😅
I have asked this question after watching this video 😅
ATC confused as a Pilot was doing reposition flight from JFK to LGA


Yes! Back before i had pro :)


I have done JFK-LGA ,and YTZ- YYZ a few times in Expert never had a problem with ATC.

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I flew a fedex 757 from San Diego to Tijuana. It’s an actual flight and is on the FedEx crew center. It took me 6 mins lol

I’ve flow from KSJC-KSFO and KSAN-KLGB in training server
and yesterday I thought I would hop counties and flew from New York Stewart Int to Westchester County airport in a C172

I’ve flown MLI - DVN and back a few times… Duplicating the flying I did in my very brief training time back in the early 2000s. C172 is as close as I can get to the Symphony 100/150 I actually flew.

Well… there’s this flight from London Luton to London Gatwick flight in real life…

Wait, am I allowed to post stuff about real life aviation even though this post is about Infinite Flight?

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I think it’s what people have flown in the game but that flight is still pretty interesting. It’s gotta be a repo flight tho

Yeah, probs a repo

I did flew the CYYZ and CYTZ too! And the ATC was confused and told me to climb to 10,000 ft, when I was about to land at CYTZ 😂

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I saw that video, ATC was very confused

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Very interesting video.

I couldn’t see rules that prohibit them from flying VFR. But the confusion seemed to be that for ATC at such a busy location, a commercial company flying VFR was so rare. ATC staff lacked experience in knowing that there was not some violation at some level of the system, for such an unusual situation.

I base my flights from FlightAware. and try to go with actual flights from a given airport and use real ATC data and use LiveATC.com for ATC traffic when available

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