Did anyone else have sick passengers at KSFO?

Hello Community. About 15mins ago I did KLAX-KSFO in a Southwest 737. Outside KSFO it got bumpy. It got bumper and bumper. So bumpy some passengers were sick. Then we landed with a bumb because of the turbulence. Did anyone elce have bags full of sick in the back? LOL.
Enjoy the 1 pic

  • I was not at KSFO
  • I was and passengers were sick🤢

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remember this is a little fun

Thanks 😁


I was and it was really bad for me

Wait I wasn’t at KSFO so no


I’m approaching SFO now, its not bumpy anymore. A bit of turbulence at cruise, though.

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What was the purpose of making this topic?


lol i did experience turbulence as I was descending into KSFO all I could think about are my passengers saying to each other “what’s going on up there😂” so I turned on the seatbelt sign and kept it till it wasn’t as bad

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I flew by Northern California from San Diego on my way to Vancouver and it was very bumpy!

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Did a KPHX-KPDX leg, the turbulence on decent through the Rockies there made me thank god for autopilot.

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