Did a topic get auto closed?

As you can see, this topic has been closed, as I cannot reply, but there’s no message saying “CLOSED 9 HOURS AGO BY ⚫️”. It just says nothing. Please explain.

Which topic is this? I’ll check it out for myself, maybe it’s a problem on your end.

EDIT: Never mind, I found it. Maybe a mod closed it but didn’t leave the closed message. It happens sometimes.

Discourse automatically shuts/locks any thread that has had no activity on that specific thread for more then 3 months.

But the last activity was 6 days,

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It says 6 days ago.

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Also, it would’ve said closed by Discourse.

Ahh didn’t see that tiny date on the right hand side , that is strange !

Close messages can be deleted like any other post. Even though it’s deleted it’s still closed.


This topic was automatically closed 90 days after the last reply. New replies are no longer allowed.