DiamondGaming4s Expert Tracking Thread - [Closed]

Hey community! As you probably know, today is ATC choice, meaning any airport on planet earth (or Saturn) can be opened.

Here, I will post where I will be opening for the day, so you can all plan your flights accordingly!

Status: Open
Airport: KLBB


I Expect to open at Houston (IAH) around 2019-10-20T19:30:00Z


I will see if I can stop by later on!

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Opening at KIAH Shortly!

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Great to know you are at my home airport :)

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It’s mine too, so yeah ;)

Thanks for the patterns @DiamondGaming4! Great as always

Those winds were kicking out there! I hope you were not watching my takeoff and my first pattern landing as I almost drifted off the runway😂😂

Lol we’re supposed to get a somewhat cold frond, so it’s pretty gusty. Thanks for coming by!

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No problem! See you in the skies!

Would you like to control in Salt Lake City. 4 group flight aircraft are inbound, landing in 20 minutes.

Unfortunately, I have to go somewhere. Sorry :(

Opening KLBB (Lubbock) in a few, be sure to stop by for patterns!

Open now!

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