DiamondGaming4’s ATC Tracking Thread [Passed Practical!]

Hello IFC. Incase you couldn’t tell, this is where I will post my active TS1 ATC Operations. This is for me to improve my skills and maybe become IFATC someday. I will have NOTAMs in effect, and you can veiw them below. Please follow them and be a good role model for all of those non-IFC users. See you in the skies!


Status - Inactive
Airport -
Time Expected -
Station(s) -
Landing Runway(s) -
Takeoff Runways(s) -
Pattern Work -
Weather -
Remarks -

Friendly criticism is accepted, feedback is appreciated, and traffic is desired. Thanks for stopping by!


Just passed my practical! Thanks to everyone who helped me train!



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Congrats on passing your practical! :)

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Congratulations man! Hope to see you controlling on expert soon!

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Well done 😊

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Fabulous, see you in the tower

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Have fun! Don’t be too nervous

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