Diamond DA62

Diamond DA62

Photo Credit: https://www.skiesmag.com/features/light-twin-reimagined-da62/


The DA62 is a small GA aircraft. It has two turbocharged enigines and it can seat up to 7 people. It will set you back close to 1.5 million US dollars.

Tech Specs

  • Two Austro Engine AE 330 turbocharged common-rail injected 2 liter jet fuel engine with 180 HP
  • Max Speed: 190 TAS
  • Cruise Speed: 171 TAS
  • Max Rate of Climb: 1,029 fpm
  • Max Range: 1,283 nm
  • Takeoff distance: 2,897
  • Landing distance: 2,556
  • Ceiling: 20,000ft
  • Max Crosswind: 25kts

Why It Should Be Added

This plane should be added because it would add more diversity to the fleet of planes in Infinite Flight. It is part of a group of GA aircraft that isn’t represented in the game. We have no multi-engine GA planes and this would fit that role great. It’s larger than a C172 and the SR22 but not as fast as a TBM. A Diamond aircraft would also be a new manufacturer for the game. I do hope the devs see the vision I have for this plane.

Tech Spec Info Credit: diamondaircraft.com

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Love it! Wish I had some votes left.

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KSomeone get this beauty in!
I would say combining anything with Gliders makes sexy planes.


that looks


I would fly this everyday

Looks like I had a free vote lying around…

Unfortunately the real Bae is Misha 🦄 but this is close.


@MishaCamp might admit that its more bae

The next TBM? I wouldn’t mind this actually - might vote :P


I absolutely love this aircraft! It and the DA-42 Twin Star are my favorite GA aircraft by far. They are extremely powerful, fast, and have a unique design.

I was lucky enough to see one of these beauties at an AOPA fly in last year:

Has my vote for sure!


I’m voting for this because @CR3W voted for it. Better hope he doesn’t remove his vote. 😯


Awh that’s cute

I would hope you like the plane too…

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8th vote!!

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Wow this thing is wonderful! I would love to see it in Infinite Flight along with the SF50. This wonderful craft should take priority over the A350!

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I had to vote for this what a gorgeous aircraft this is and I am extremely picky on my votes but this one definitely has one of mine . I would love to see this implemented in our sim !

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I voted for it too Deer!

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You have my last vote sir, amazing looking aircraft and you’re completely right in saying it adds a new category, would be awesome to have the likes of the baron 58, Seneca, king air etc on there too one day!

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