Diamond DA42 Twin Star

Since Philippe hinted that the next update may include a new GA aircraft, I think they should take this beauty into consideration.



There are a lot of GA lovers that wan’t more GA aircraft. (Including me)


Time to make Airliners go down the ranking board!


Why is there no need for this? Just because we have the B737-700, doesn’t mean that we need the B738, the B739, or the B737-BBJ either.


Exactly, since we have the A321 before the A320,319,318 why do we need the rest.

Well you can never have too many Airbus aircraft ;) Anyway, I think we definitely need more GA aircraft.

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There is need for all models or variants of 737 but there is no need for Comac C919 another example is we just got the Boeing 787 so what’s the need for A350? We could rather focus on a reworked a330/a340 and A380 instead of making an A350.

Iz want this so much. Mas GA aircraft Mas!

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On that strategy why have the 787 when we already have the 777, 767, A330 and A340 that are all fairly similar. GA airport are always much more varied and fin to fly, and it’s about time we had some more.


Well there is also a Cessna 172.

Well then you can fly the Cessna 172 while we all have fun with new GA aircraft that the devs will hopefully bring to the sim.

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Like what? What in your opinion are serious things that need fixing?

Without a thing to look at. Well enjoy sitting there in your 747, letting the autopilot control the entire flight without doing nothing. Fun isn’t it? Now try the super decathlon or C172, with that attitude you won’t have a clue.

  1. Gear tilt is a must have
  2. We need terminal buildings
    I could go on and on

I don’t use auto pilot that much and it’ll be nice to see a general aviation aircraft but not until some important issues are fixed.

Ok well.

  1. Gear tilt is pretty much a petty little issue for me (It would be nice to have, but doesn’t really change much about the actual simulator, since you can’t see the gear tilt when you are landing your aircraft)

  2. Not gonna happen because they would make the sim lag severely on older devices.

Care to elaborate on that?
We can continue this on pm if you want.

If you think gear tilt and 3D building are the most important things that need to be added then you must not realise that when flying IRL it isn’t just the yoke, flaps, gear, trim and lights to control.

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Andddd we’re back on topic.


Misha’s right. Back on topic. This GA aircraft would be great to have in Infinite Flight.

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