Diamond DA42 Twin Star


About the aircraft

The DA42 Twin Star is a 4 seat GA aircraft with 2 Austro AE300 jet fuel piston engines. It is produced by Austrian aircraft manufacturer, Diamond Industries. The aircraft made its first flight in December 2002, and since then well over 600 have been produced. In 2008, it was reported to hold about 80% of the twin piston market, and it is still very popular today. The DA42 comes in several variants including the original production model, the Dominator II, which is an unmanned airial defense vehicle, and the -V1, which is an improved version of the original aircraft introduced in 2012 (shown above).

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Max Cruise Speed: 221 mph
Normal Cruising Altitude: 18,000 ft.
Range: 1,052 miles

Engines: 2 x 170hp Austro Engine AE3t00
Max Take-off Weight: 4,407 lbs
Max Landing Weight: 4,407 Ibs

Why it should be added

The Diamond DA42 Twin Star should be added because it is one of the fastest and furthest flying small GA aircraft flying today. It would out perform both the Cessna 172 and Cirrus SR22 that we currently have in Infinite Flight. The aircraft also has a super sleek design and some unique features such as foldable landing gear and a top opening glass cockpit that I think would be amazing in our simulator.

According to Flight Global it is “a delight to fly and easy to operate, with high performance, modern technology, excellent economy and the latest and highest levels of passive safety. The DA42 has no natural competitors in its class and sets a benchmark for European general aviation.”

Although we have a new turbo prop coming, I still think we need a new small, light touring aircraft added, and this aircraft should be strongly considered. #MakeGAGreatAgain

If I haven’t already convinced you, please take a look at this video of the beautiful aircraft performing a startup, taxi, takeoff, and landing:

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I like this aircraft! I’ve seen it at ERAU a couple times. It’s very modern.


I think this would be a very nice addition to Infinite Flight! I’m voting!


Cool! I see it a lot at KBZN as there is a flight school there that has a large fleet of them.


Ahhh I love that aircraft! Seen it before! Would love to see it in IF, probably will be free to all (people who don’t have pro)


Just voted for this! A buddy of mine is working on his pilot license, etc. & he’s now using the DA42 for his multi engine rating. Definitely cool!


awesome but what about the da-62


There is a separate feature request for that.


To me, it looks like a smaller version of the Beechcraft king air b300 probably spelt that wrong would love to see it though. Our only small aircraft are the Cessna’s. I know we have jets.


Bumping this up! It is a beautiful and powerful aircraft and deserves to be added to Infinite Flight!


Great aircraft. Cant vote though because of limit


going to bump this up because this is a pretty nice topic and cbf to make another one but i love this plane and would die to have it in the game


My flight school flies both these and the Diamond DA40 so def gonna vote for this one! I really hope they can add the FTA { Flight Training Adelaide } livery.


Hands down the sexiest GA aircraft on the planet! We NEED this added to the GA fleet. Gets my vote.


Diamond is so underrated!


I love the twin star!


Looks amazing!

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Some flight schools in Europe using this ugly plane 😅 I know it very well because my school had that… Well I’m not fan of it but it would be a nice addition. I would vote for any GA airplane because I love ga.

Oooooooo how dare😞