Diamond DA42 plane 12hrs hop over the Pacific

I just found this and thought I’ll share on IFC forum.

Not sure if this have been brought up here in the past but I thought it was an amazing feast by the pilot with his dedication!


How about he avoid flying 2020 miles single engine over the ocean because that just seems like a very unlucky number 😂

Cool, I would not do this personally, but epic that he does!


Indeed :/ I won’t try it in real life lol


It’s epic what he does, his bravery knows no bounds.
I just find the video fascinating - and the scenery is out of the world in Hawaii

Tempted to try it on a Cessna on IF…😂
Nah, cba.

I believe it was a DA42 that did this not a 12.

That is a Twin Engine Unpressurised aircraft that actually gets great fuel economy.

I saw this awhile ago, excellent vid. At least his 2020 nm didnt go as bad as the year.

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