Diamond DA-62

BMW might be the ultimate driving machine but the DA-62 has to be the ultimate flying machine. The DA-62 is the perfect aircraft for Infinite Flight in an important sector of General Aviation. For years now infinite flight has not had a multi engine piston aircraft. This sector has been dominated by aircraft such as the Piper Siminoe and the Beechcraft Baron however a few years ago diamond aircraft, came up with a plane that change this sector forever, with a carbon fiber fuselage, Garmin, G 1000 avionics, and two state of the art jet fuel powered engines, the DA 62 was born.

Photo Credit

2018 Diamond DA62| Steel Aviation

DA 62 is designed with you, the pilot in mind. This aircraft is capable of caring up to seven people comfortably perfect for a large family or charter, commuter operations.

Here are some important facts to know amazing aircraft

  • Two Austro Engine AE 330 Turbocharged common-rail injected 2 liter jet fuel engine with 180 HP
  • Max Speed 190 KTAS
  • Cruise Speed 171 KTAS
  • Max Rate of climb 1,029 fpm
  • Max Range 1,283 nm
  • Takeoff Distance 2,897 ft
  • Landing Distance 2,556 ft
  • Celing 20,000 ft
  • Max Crosswind 25 KTS

Welcome aboard the ultimate flying machine!

Please feel free to vote if you want to see this beauty in Infinite Flight

Great topic, I’ll put a vote forwards!

The DA-62’s an awesome aircraft, with a lot of versatility to its movements. Alongside the standard variant, there is also the Multi-Purpose Platform DA-62 (MPP) which allows for many military, and Search And Rescure operations. I’ve seen this aircraft a number of times perform many types of flights, and can say that it’s a pretty cool piece of technology!

HM CoastGuard, performing SAR operations across the English Channel.


giving a vote too! this is actually my new favorite GA aircraft

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Nice, is this me or do all the dasher aircraft look goofy

They’re cool tho

10000% support this, not a particularly common aircraft to see here in aus, I believe the number registered is in the single digits. DA42 supremacy 🫡

But awesome aircraft, would love to see a proper twin prop at some point!

My college flight program owns one of these for flying the pilot chiefs around


I wish we would get another poll😮‍💨

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If and when we ever get a twin engine GA aircraft, it should be the DA62

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Infinite flight really needs a twin engine general aviation aircraft and this would be the perfect one


Got some pictures of my colleges DA62 yesterday with the DA42s


It’s really sad that we don’t have a GA twin in IF, we need this


We need this especially for mountain GA flying like Idaho Wyoming and Montana

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Got another picture of my schools DA62. Too bad they won’t let me fly it


That’s a beautiful paint job

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