Diamond DA-40

Diamond DA40 Feature Request


Key Information

The Diamond DA40 Diamond Star is an Austrian four-seat, single-engine, light aircraft. Built in both Austria and Canada, it was developed as a four-seat version of the DA20 by Diamond Aircraft Industries. The aircraft is built with the Garmin G1000 glass cockpit, but some earlier versions were built using traditional steam gauge instruments.

Aircraft Specifics
The Diamond DA-40 is powered by a 180 hp (130 kW) Lycoming IO-360-M1A engine. It has a maximum cruise speed of 147 knots, burning 9.2 gallons of Avgas per hour. Its maximum takeoff weight is 2,535 lb (1,150 kg).

Why we need this is Infinite Flight
The Diamond DA-40 is arguably much less known about compared to its cousin, the DA-42, but it still deserves to be added to Infinite Flight. It would give pilots more freedom when flying general aviation, and would be great practice for pilots who are considering purchasing a Diamond aircraft themselves

Please consider voting for this beautiful aircraft. It is much too unloved and would be a welcome addition to the simulator.
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A little bump. Would be real nice to have this added 😍


Absolutely! I fly the DA40NG at Blue Line Aviation and it has a beautiful livery! Voted!


You got my vote sad that ga doesnt get as much love as it should


Yesterday, I had my first flying lesson. Was the most incredible experience in my entire life so far. The aircraft was a Diamond DA-40, registered PH-RAD with the cockpit with gauges.
I am so desperate to have this beauty in IF, it has so many beautiful features, and would certainly fill up some more airports just like EHRD😍


Sure would be nice to see it, especially with liveries that are registered all around the world and not just the U.S. Really great aircraft to fly.


I may be wrong here, but these aircraft are manufactured at my local airport, CYXU. Diamond has a plant there so I would assume these are made here!


Voted for this! It will be nice to see this as my local flight school uses the DA40 so it can give me a sense of how it feels like piloting this!


They are indeed. My aviation company, Blue Line, has their DA40s made there


It’s amazing to fly in real life, think of how beneficial this would be to have in infinite flight to those training in the aircraft 😍


You have my vote. I always see DA-40 and DA-42 flying over my local airfield. I feel this addition would give a lot more freedom with general aviation, and it is quite a unique aircraft compared to what is in Infinite Flight at the moment

It would also be good practice for those who are learning to fly on one of these aircraft in the real world.


Bump, really would love to see this beautiful bird added.

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The best most modern current Flight school Trainer on the market rn. It would be so awesome to have in IF.


This should change to the diamond aircraft family then I’ll vote

I would agree with this one but it would require one big thread with multiple requests. That isnt allowed. Just go and vote for the other ones.


Would make for tons of super cool GA stuff.

I’m out of votes, but as soon as something I voted for gets confirmed, I’ll add my vote to this.

Plus, I got my ppl in one