Diamond DA-40

The Diamond DA40 Star is an Austrian four-seat, single engine, light aircraft constructed from composite materials. Built in both Austria and Canada, it was developed as a four-seat version of the earlier DA20 by Diamond Aircraft Industries.

Source: Planespotters.net

I’m out of votes, but on behalf of the community, we want more GA ;)


I love the DA40, ones of the better and nicest looking GA planes!


Flown this a lot, prone to having a lot of ECU issues in hot countries but such a nice aircraft. I hate the steering system on this plane, doesn’t have a nose gear pin. So turning is done by differential braking. I would however prefer to have DA42 rather than this as it is similar to Cirrus


I love this! It would be so much fun to fly this through the alps, and other fun places!


I’m voting for this. I fell in love with the wings 😍


Lol it looks like a Falied SR20 prototype… IMO

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Same, very unique wing design

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Same here. Id love the DA42

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Sometimes the nose gear can snap and get locked in the opposite direction, and you’re flying with no rudder for pretty much the whole rest of your flight. Free castering nose wheel is a pain.

And yes, this is very similar to the Cirrus we already have, so another Diamond variant would be cool.


I got to fly this, the stick is between the legs. Great plane


First plane I ever flew and soloed. I love it, you have my vote!


To be honest the ground steering was the only thing I didn’t like but I got used to it. Loved almost everything else about the plane.


Payload is also problem with the Diamond. It’s nearly impossible to carry more than 3 adults with half fuel on a cool day. The FDS team and I experienced this problem when we were planning to take it up a few months ago :(


Yeah payload is definitely a factor in the Diamond. I flew the DA-40 in colorado springs. Could be interesting especially with the crosswinds and occasional sink air i’d encounter (we were right at the base of the rockies). It was just me and an instructor so the total pax weight (2 pilots) was in the mid 300 lb range + a full tank (we usually always flew full). Obviously, flying solo vs having pax or cargo is a big factor in any GA plane but it seemed so especially flying the DA-40 from a high altitude field. I still had a blast.

Guess if FDS ever considers it we’ll have fly light lol.

YEAH, same idea , I would like the piper seneca V aswel <3 :)

One of my favourites! Would love to see this in IF. We only have 1 multi engine prop plane, the P-38 which is old and poorly animated.

DA40 NG too!