Diamond DA-20

This plane is an Austrian Designed 2-seat light aircraft.
Learn more here!

Or watch a video here!

Here is a photo:

My photo^^

I train in this aircraft, and I feel that we need to spread the GA love!

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Thank you for actually putting substance into a feature request. Also, power to the GA!


Im in support of any GA aircraft. #MakeGAGreatAgain


Adding my vote. Love that little aircraft. Helped to build my confidence in flying chopped air. ;-)


I love it! Thanks for the huge info and video!


Such a sweet aircraft. I often fly in a Katana A-1, I personally like its agility and short field performances. One detail has always bugged me though, the DA-20 is only designed for smooth journeys… Whenever you hit a turbulence, your head will hit the window if you’re not perfectly strapped to your seat (happens way too often to me).

Here is me on a hold waiting for my room into the arrival sequence at LFJR (featuring a nice inversion layer in the background).


I really appreciate the effort you put into this to make it a nice feature request with substance. Nice photo! Got my last vote!


What a great aircraft. It’s made at a small aerodrome just south of Vienna which I happened to have edited-

The Diamond factory is the one with the Sexy Hexagons.

Gets my vote. Up with GA :)


Bumping this great aircraft! #makegagreatagain


I want this! 😍 I flew this beast today!

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Yes, this is a cool looking plane. There is a bunch that fly around at a small airport over at Downtown St. Louis airport. Saint Louis University flies these all the time. I would it would be amazing to have this in IF. I’m game for this to be added. The DA20 and the DA42 Twin Star as well.

Topic dead for 2 years, gonna re-activate this

One of the only aircraft I know meant for intentional spins…

Should be in IF based on that

We. Need. This. I train in this too and I’d love to fly it here!

^picture if the one I fly, C-GGUK

Beautiful aircraft!