Diamond aircraft

Has anyone ever heard of diamond aircraft. I went flying in August and had the pleasure of flying a Diamond da20. It was a small 2 seat prop plane that was very fast and had a nice look to it. I was just wondering if anyone has seen one or have flown one. http://www.diamondaircraft.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/diamond-139-750x375.jpg
Click the link to see what it looks like (not my picture)


When you said “Diamond” I thought a plane is made out of diamonds and I said “Holy Moly”


Yes I fly a Diamond DA40 TDI on a couple of weekends a month. Nice cruisers and a nice step up from the C172 / Piper PA28s.


Me too lol 😂

Diamond aircrafts are very nice airplanes to fly. I love them!

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