DhruvChopra's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

hi all My name is Dhruv and welcome to my ATC tracking thread and I have applied for IFATC and I got my recruiter.
I will announce my airports in the title.
I have over 1000 operations as an observer.
My written test is not scheduled yet but I will schedule it once I get some practice in
Feedback is appreciated in PM or in the thread.



I am now at KTUS


I will stop by

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NOW Closed due to work


oh i am late

Feedback, N1EC:

  1. You gave me a landing clearance while I was transitioning your airspace, I didn’t even call inbound;

  2. On my Inbound, the pattern entry was correct;

  3. First clearance was correct, good job including the traffic direction, in this case “left traffic”;

  4. On my second clearance, you included the traffic direction (left/right traffic). In this case it is unnecessary because you already told me to make left traffic on the first clearance.

  5. Correct pattern entry and clearance with traffic direction on my runway change to 11R

  6. G-JAME reported his position because you didn’t clear him, you told him “Roger”, which is wrong. You only tell roger when you already cleared an aircraft and they report full stop;

  7. Incorrect pattern entry for my runway change to runway 3. Should’ve been “right downwind” instead of “right base”;

  8. Missed exit runway command, I had to request frequency change.

There is definitely a lot of work to be done but overall it wasn’t bad as first session, nice job!


Will be back tomorrow

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ok cause i will be opening two more airports today


@AryaTheLivingMeme here

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Now Open AT KFAT


i’m here bro

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your doing decent so far

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Sorry for wrong runway @Lord_Bendter_is_GOAT

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Feedback, N1EC:

1 ) Transition was high, 3000 would’ve be perfect. Transition formula: 2500 + airport elevation (335) = 2.800, round up to 3000;

2 ) I was still transitioning the airspace when you issued me a pattern entry. Wait until I call inbound to issue me one;

3 ) I was cleared without a sequence. Remember to always give a sequence if there’s another aircraft on the pattern before clearing;

4 ) On my clearance, you cleared me with traffic direction. It is unnecessary. You already instructed to make right traffic when I called inbound on my first pattern;

5 ) I saw you were giving patterns entry to G-KEDZ. It is unnecessary as he hadn’t call inbound or requested a runway change but flying a normal pattern.

6 ) Runway change: you didn’t spot the upwind conflict between me and F-RIES.
You should have told me to “extend upwind” to avoid a collision with him.

7 ) The pattern was correct, however, it came without sequence and you cleared me soon after.

Unfortunately I spotted many major mistakes, I suggest to read closely the ATC manual about tower and pattern management.

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Your feedback:

  • When i was near the runway i requested frequency change you replied with ‘don’t send duplicate messages’. Only use this to stop someone from spamming, i was testing what you would reply with and you said that. Next time say ‘already approved frequency change’

  • Well done for informing me what turn i should take to enter the pattern

  • I was midfield downwind and got a clearance quite late. You’d want to give it early downwind or late crosswind.

  • N1EC recieved no sequencing, you’d want to give this so they knows who to follow and to ensure spacing. Remember this: pattern entry> sequencing>clearance. Remembering this will help you

  • You told me to enter right downwind, you told me to make right traffic when you cleared me for take off thus i am needing to turn right and enter pattern there. Avoid giving pattern entry only when extending upwind, or for inbounds.

  • When clearing me for the option you don’t need to tell me to turn right traffic unless i request runway change or call inbound.

  • I requested inbound for 11L, i got told to enter left base. Left base is the final turn before final approach. Instead you should have told me to enter right downwind. You left me turning to left downwind as i assumed that’s what you meant. By doing this your wasting a pilots time and fuel making it really inconvenient.

  • Good job in understanding what i meant by fullstop.

  • i requested transition, it was a little too high. it should have been 3000FT.

  • Responses to requests and announcements from pilots was too slow. If i wasn’t approved transition and was at a low altitude i could have conflicted with the planes by the time you replied.

*Excellent runway exit command, really fast.

There’s a lot of work to be done, i suggest watching tyler perfect atc test and re reading the atc manual. Good luck feel free to tag me when your open!

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i was G-KEDZ btw

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Closed due to work

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@Lord_Bendter_is_GOAT you could come now

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hey bro, i got my practical today i’m revising for it

tag me tmr and i can come

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