DHLVA TOUR OF AMERICA [Recruitment Event]@ KSEA - 010200FEB20

Description: Join us as we host our third recruitment event and make our journey across america, starting at our sub hub in seattle and flying to, and landing in new york city. We hope to see you there and wishing you a happy landings from DHLVA.
Server: Training

Region: America

Airport: KSEA

Date: January 21st
Time: *2100Z, 4:00PM EST, 3:00PM CST,1:00pm PST
Aircraft: 757-200 (dhl livery), 777-200f (southern air livery)
cargo 01: Christian_Richardson
Cargo R1
Cargo R2
Cargo R3
Cargo R4
Cargo R5
Cargo R6
Cargo R7
Cargo R8
Cargo R9
(NOTAM, More gates will be added if needed)

Want to join DHL America?

Our Website: DHL America - Apply
Our Thread:DHL America Virtual Airlines "simply delivered" (recruiting pilots) - #39 by Christian_Richardson

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NOTAM event has been push back to February the first

NOTAM: time change to 0200 Zulu and date to the 20th do to pilot availablity

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