DHL Virtual Recruitment/Holiday Shipping Event @ EDDF - 012100ZJAN18

Just make a 360 …

Sorry gtg bye cancel me out

Ok … thank you

I’m still flying…

Roger that we will be their in about 4 hr

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FL320 isn’t valid for our route. We need to be FL330

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Roger climb and maintain FL330

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Do you guys have the right FPL? You guys are over a bit more than I am.

EDIT: @Goran12 and @Christian_Richardson you guys have a different FPL than the one listed above.

have you guys already left

Yes i dont believe we made that turn

Yes. We are en route to Cario.

dang i missed it i was at a movie

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You can probably catch up if you hurry. We took off about 5-10 mins ago.

@Christian_Richardson and @Goran12 why don’t you guys copy my FPL.

Ill reduce my speed …

But if I do it will turn back to EDDF

I did but your on a diffrent track do to were your located at the moment

Then take EDDF of the FPL.


Im reduceing my speed to 300 lts to allow you to catch up

Actually, I just tried to take it out, so I could copy @Christian_Richardson’s FPL and it eliminated EDDF.

EDIT: I guess what I am saying is you can copy the FPL without problems.

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