DHL Virtual Recruitment/Holiday Shipping Event @ EDDF - 012100ZJAN18

Server: Training

Airport: EDDF

Time: 2100Z

NOTAM: Welcome, to the first ever event for DHL Virtual! During this event, we will be making a new years delivery from Frankfurt, Germany, to the beautiful Cairo, Egypt. Once we land in Cairo, we will all line up for a Group Photo! If you have any other questions, please PM me or @Christian_Richardson (CEO of VA) for other additional info on the event!

Flight Plan

This will be our FPL for the event, if rwys are red on the fay of the event, I will update the FPL.


The aircraft we will be using for the event will be a leased DC-10F from Gemini Air Cargo.


If you would like a gate, please say so below. Thank you!

Gate V178: @AllegiantAir
Gate V177: @Christian_Richardson
Gate V176: @William_Armstrong
Gate V175: @WardellStephenCurry
Gate V174: @Cbro4
Gate V173: Vacant
Gate V172: Vacant

(More gates will be added if they’re needed)

About DHL VA

DHL VA was founded by Christian_Richardson on the date of 12/14/17. He is now accompanied by me and some IFC members. DHL VA is young, but strong and will continue to fight to the top of the VA line.

Official Thread: DHL America Virtual Airlines "simply delivered" (recruiting pilots)


DHL VA hopes to see you attend our event!

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Put me down for a gate!

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Will do! Hope to see you there!
Gate V176 will be yours

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I have added the links to both the Official thread and Website!

Put me down on a gate please!

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will do! Hope to see you there

I have the event as December 31st, 8:00 PM Eastern. If that is correct, I’ll take the next avilable gate. Also applied to be a pilot for your VA.

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Okay! Will add you, glad too have you with us at DHL VA!

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Thank you! Hoping my application is accepted.

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I have the event at 5:00 PM, January 1st Eastern, correct?

If you are eastern time, then yes!

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Awesome! Look forward to the event and a hopeful acceptance from your CEO.

@AllegiantAir I also did the application would you please check?

When will the flight happen I have it as 24th of December 4:00 PM correct?

The event is a week from now.

Can you tell me the time and date

The date is the 1st of January and the time is 2100 zulu

6 more HOURS!!! Untill the event

can i get a gate plz

Gate v173 is yours …