DHL fleet

Can’t find that topic, therefore put it on screenshots and videos…

This is nice! Only if I worked there

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This doesn’t belong in spotting. It’s a model plane.

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Wow how is that so shiny? Also I’ve never seen that airline before!

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Lightning of the building and the way I made the picture hahaha… However, the quality of the picture is a little bit unfortunate hahaha :-P… The one which I took looks much better

DHL has a 82 fleets at the moment! DHL Aviation (kinda cargo airline) is a division of DHL Express. you can find them on Flightradar under code DHK (DO/QY)

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Your telling me you never saw a DHL before


Nope, is it a US airline?

Yes yes it is it’s a cargo airline

DHL is headquartered in Germany, not the USA.


Oh yeahhhhh I’m retarded

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No I understand his confusion. DHL was founded in CA, USA. However was bought by Deutsche Post. dhl Express is just a division of Deutsche Post DHL group

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IF has 3 DHL liveries that I know of. One on the 757, one on the C208, and half Southern, half DHL, on the 777F

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