DHL Express Virtual - Image Competition #1

Screenshot Competition (March 4-11)

Hello fellow IFC members and pilots, today DHL Express Virtual would like to feature our pilots’ photo submissions they uploaded for us to vote on. The pilot who receives the most votes on their picture gets awarded 25 bonus flight hours so let’s get as many votes as possible. Good luck!






Please vote for the best picture below
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Interested in joining DHLV? You can click on our VA Account’s profile and find the application link on our thread. Thank you in advance for voting, let’s keep delivering excellence throughout the skies AND on the ground! 😉


Thank you to the following who’ve voted and let’s keep them rolling in!


Thank you to everyone whom has voted! It turns out we have a tie, therefor we’ve decided to do a coin flip. Congratulations to @skye for winning with vote on tails! I’ve also given @AndrewGraham 20 hours since it was a tie to be fair. Have a great day everyone!