DHL Boeing 777-200F screenshots

DHL 1819 Heavy
Expert Server

Early morning touch down in Sydney from Los Angeles as DHL 1819 Heavy with a total flight time of 14 hours 20 minutes. Can’t wait to see where I go next with this bird. 🛫

Also, I want to thank @Arthur for the excellent radar Control service and I want to thank @ToasterStroodie for the excellent service on tower and ground! Great job guys! I truly enjoyed it 😄


Underrated livery! Great photos btw!!!

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Stunning shots :-)

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With all due of respect, yes, sometimes it’s ridiculous to see different airline from another continent in another airport that’s across the globe but however, not everything has to be realistic. I respect your opinion and hopefully you will respect mines. 🙂


Thank you Captain 🛫

Thank you 🛫

A lot of ppl play infinite flight for fun or to pass time so they don’t really care about realism but a lot of ppl who are aviation enthusiasts play it very realistic! Each to their own i guess!! Great point tho!

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No problem!

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Nice photos; thank you for flying into YSSY! Hope you had a nice flight in.

Also, @ShaneAviation was your lovely Tower controller. 😉


Thank you for the correction! Thank you @ShaneAviation for your service 🛫

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Awesome pictures, and thanks for flying in! 😍


I guess no one understood it was a joke

Thanks for coming!

That was a really fun session!


Yesterday I saw you on the map with that flight.