DHL B777F (beta) from EGSS to EDDP

Hi everyone,

I just got into the open beta test today and my first flight just had to be in the all new Boeing 777F with the DHL livery! Picked a famous route from the DHL hub at Stansted U.K. to DHL’s world hub on mainland Europe at Leipzig Airport in Germany. I had a lot of fun flying it and I hope you enjoy the pictures! Last but not least I want to give a huge shout out to the IF development team, who did a brilliant job on this aircraft! I enjoyed every minute of the flight with it!

After pushback at Stansted another B777F from FedEx pushed back as well!

He departed Stansted ahead of me

En route to Leipzig I got to take some flight deck pictures! I love this one! 😍

Of course we had coffee from our own galley ☕ can’t fly without it 😎

Touch down at Leipzig and on the reversers!

All parked, time to unload some pallets!

Best regards, B4ND1T


Nice shots B4ND1T! ❤

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Thank you @ThomasThePro I loved the flight and the new aircraft! The Devs did an excellent job on it!

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Some really nice pictures of one of the more colourful airplanes. I especially liked the FedEx DHL group picture. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks @JulianB! Yeah me too, lucky that guy spawned in about the same time I did!

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