DHL America Virtual Airlines "simply delivered" (recruiting pilots)

got it thanks a lot i will be useful

Apply here today

DHL America - New Website Features

Hi everyone!

Here at DHL America Virtual Airlines, we have been constantly updating our website to make it the best for the Infinite Flight community. Some of these changes include our new “track your pacakge” feature and “latest flights” showing which routes were recently flown.

Read more here:

How long will it take for you to veiw the questions? I really want to start flying today for DHL

We are in the process of review is shouldnt be long

DHL americas second event is coming up, if you are intreasted in supporting us then sign up for a gate and take flight with us this june 14th. You can sign up at this link here and get a 50% off discount on all your virtual shippments done here at dhl america ;)

Current staff postion flight logger has now been filled.

Our applications page is back up and is running smoothly if you were looking to join you can now send in your application.

Can you send me the link to your website please?

Nevermind, I found the website.

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Hello community we uave made an even better promo check it out here

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Hello ifc, there has been a reopening in one of our management postions, event manager is open to those who have had past exprince in management of a va and is no stranger to event scheduling and planing pm me or hawaiipilot if you are intreasted.

Wishing you a happy landings


Website update notes
1: new staff list
2: pages rearranged

If you would like to join, join here, please make sure to check if you are eligible in the va description above.


Very well detailed. Cargo is the main priority huh :)

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Am interested but I need more details pls how to join DHL

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Maybe check here ;)

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As stated above you may click the link and apply today and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Yes but am not qualify am still in grade 1 but as soon as I will change my
grade I will let you know

Roger that, a spot will be waiting for you once you get to grade 2

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