DHL America Virtual Airlines "simply delivered" (recruiting pilots)

Hello and welcome to DHL America we are pleased to have you, we promise to provide great and simple services to our customers as we transport their cargo at the most absolute safe and careful treatment, we strive to be the best cargo carrier on infinite flight. ​We pride ourselves on our unique red & yellow theme as we deliver service to our customers worldwide. Here at DHL, you have the option of quick shipping as we operate mainly overnight so you can order your package by day and receive it by night. You can also join us and become a pilot for DHL if you favor heavy hauling, dark skies, and long journeys, here our pilots are our greatest pride of our airline as they are what keeps the boxes flowing and what keeps the planes going.

Requirements to join

1:must be 13 years or older

2:must be a grade 2 or higher

Our website


We are glad to announce that we are now in a partnership with Aviation airways we hope to have a long relationship with our new partner and are glad to have them with us Aviation Airways VA | A New Experience Coming soon...

We are also are glad to have NetjetVA on board with us as well, they will be
operating out of Our KILN sky park hub flying our 767 fleet which includes prime air and DHL, we are very happy to have netjet on board with us and we are hopeing to have a long and great service life with them. NetJets Virtual | Join the fastest flying VA!

We communicate via discord so you must have discord in order to operate and fly for us.


I sense competition. Feeling interested.


You bet …

Hello every one we are currently looking for exprinced management staff for DHL, if you are intrested pm me and I can give you more details.

Thats Cute :) As the Largest Cargo Airline and 5th Largest in the world by fleet size, we operate 24/7.

From your friendly neighbours in memphis :)


Is this certified by the IFVARB

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They are certified by us.


May I suggest better promoting your VA. Maybe with a special deal like if you join in this time frame you get to start at this rank. If you see what I’m saying


Wow! Hope you find them. Goodluck!

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Can I be a admin???

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is it to late to join?

can you send me a link

got it thanks a lot i will be useful

Apply here today

DHL America - New Website Features

Hi everyone!

Here at DHL America Virtual Airlines, we have been constantly updating our website to make it the best for the Infinite Flight community. Some of these changes include our new “track your pacakge” feature and “latest flights” showing which routes were recently flown.

Read more here:

How long will it take for you to veiw the questions? I really want to start flying today for DHL

We are in the process of review is shouldnt be long

DHL americas second event is coming up, if you are intreasted in supporting us then sign up for a gate and take flight with us this june 14th. You can sign up at this link here and get a 50% off discount on all your virtual shippments done here at dhl america ;)

Current staff postion flight logger has now been filled.

Our applications page is back up and is running smoothly if you were looking to join you can now send in your application.