DHL A330-300 Freighter

Hey guys,
I found a good livery for someone Cargo Flight, this is a DHL livery. DHL have many aircraft : B777-F, A300-100, B757-200, A330-200F and a330-300. Infinite flight add only B777 and removed B757. Now, I want your vote for add A330-300.

Have a good day !!!

If_photo_brasil / ifs.br_

Credit : D-ACVG | Airbus A330-343P2F | DHL (European Air Transport) | paoloz99 | JetPhotos

Amazing livery! Love it but, I have run out of votes so no thanks! Good Luck!

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Nice I like it!


Looks great but we‘ll have to wait as cargo aircraft are so difficult to develop 🤭

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Luckily the A330-300P2F doesn’t have an NLG bump, frankly, even a DHL livery over the passenger A330, with the windows covered, and interior seats completely removed would be great, as we only have a single freighter with a live cockpit, and no relatively modern Airbus freighters.

This is needed but I don’t have a vote to spare…

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Bumping this. Would really like this in Infinite Flight

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