DHC-8 Q400 Gear Glitch/Bug

I noticed that the arm of the gear does not move with the gear as you turn on the ground. Thought the devs should be informed. Cheers

It is a quite outdated aircraft (it’s one of the oldest in the fleet) - this means that not everything is animated and that it may not work the same as newer aircraft will.

You can vote for the rework here, though:


@Thunderbolt Tbh the reason I am using this is because I enjoy flying Turboprops and am patiently waiting on the ATR-72 so I can do the regional flight from my home airport (EIDL) to Dublin (EIDW). So I am using this aircraft (DHC) to make up for that.

You can vote for that too!


This is a known issue and will be addressed in the future.