DHC-6 Twin Otter


Want this badly. Need more STOL aircraft.

Long live the DC-9!

It would be absolutely brilliant to see it in the game you just need to look up twin otter operators on Wikipedia (link included below) to see how popular it was.

We really need this. If is missing on short range aircraft and turboprop planes - this would combine both in one. Guess it would be an instant classic between avgeeks. Also it would be absolutely awesome having some great regions(e.g. Himalaya) to actually fly a realistic path with it

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I keep chuntering on about how I’d like to see Scotland added as an available region in IF just so we could do the beach takeoff and landing at Barra airport


Wow that looks like something I’d really love to do :D

I was going to book a trip to Barra last Easter just to land on that beach, unfortunately it costs way too much and it would involve three different flights. All in all I just love the twin otter, it’s one of my favourite aircraft

I just neeeed it!

I want it !

It’s worth another look. Scot Gov are subsidising the fares because they’re considered a lifeline service. I think it’s a little cheaper now. Another option would be to fly out and then get the ferry back from Castlebay to Oban, it’s one of my favourite ferry journeys on the West Coast.

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@Leodhasach I’ll have to book it for 2017 though, I’m fully booked up with holidays until the,

(I’ll get back on topic now😄) I think the Twin Otter would be one of my favourite planes to add to the game and as I have previously stated there would be loads of available liveries.

We need the Winnair livery! Would be fantastic for the Caribbean!

Winnair, Air Caraïbes (older and new livery), Air Antilles Express for Caribbean !

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We need this plane. More turboprops!!

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If there’s one livery on this plane I want if it’s being added, I want winnair

Yes! We need more turboprops to get to small airfields!


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Brilliant aircraft which I go on every 2-3 months! Would love to see the Isles of Scilly skybus livery on this!