DHC-6 Twin Otter

This would be an amazing addition

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HERE IS NORTHERN CANADA 🇨🇦. Air Tindi. And Buffalo Airways in CYLK.


14 more until 200!


Tincy tiny bump

I’ll be flying on one of these in February. Definitely an incredible aircraft. Would be great fun to land at Lukla, St Barths, Saba, etc…

I know which I want…

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With improvements to the terrain for VFR flying on the way this would be the perfect addition for the smaller airports with visual only approaches.

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I think you mean the skydive city livery out of KZPH😍

I mean, this is much needed to explore the shortest paved runway in the world: TNCS. I just landed there in a C172 and it just lacks some immersion…

There could be so many new livery’s including FIJI Link!

One of my fave voted 🗳

I’m a huge fan of this kind of planes and this is one of my favorite by far. Voted!!

I just love the Skybus livery tail!

Gotta free up a vote for this!

This would be great for island hopping!

And Done. Don’t forget the USAF Academy has some:

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