DHC-2 Beaver | de Havilland Canada


Also referred to as a “Seaplane” or “Floatplane” the de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver is a fantastic aircraft that could be added to the Infinite Flight game. Used mostly in northern Canadian/US regions this water aircraft is fit for beginner pilots, that need to learn.



  • Crew: one pilot

  • Capacity: 7 passengers

  • Length: 9.22 m (30 ft 3 in)

  • Wingspan: 14.63 m (48 ft 0 in)

  • Height: 2.74 m (9 ft 0 in)

  • Wing area: 250 ft² (23.2 m²)

  • Empty: 3,000 lb (1,360 kg)

  • Loaded: 5,100 lb (2,310 kg)

  • Useful load: 2,100 lb (950 kg)

  • Powerplant: 1 Pratt & Whitney R-985 Wasp Jr. radial engine, 450 hp (335 kW)

  • Maximum speed: 255 km/h (158 mph)

  • Range: 732 km (455 miles)

  • Service ceiling: 18,000 ft (5,500 m)

  • Rate of climb: 1,020 ft/min (5.2 m/s)

  • Yes! Lets add this aircraft
  • Na this sucks

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Do you feel like the water may be a problem? Thanks to @Sturmovik, theres an alternative…

Check out the thread for more info…

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I would love to see this type of aircraft implemented into IF !

Great feature :)

First we need interactive water for this…

Currently, we can land a normal aircraft in water… All aircrafts are DHC-2’s


Ha ha, true. More effects added to the water it would create the perfect scene for this aircraft! :)

We can do this with any aircraft anyway!😂

I prefer the DHC-3 Turbine Otter over the Beaver. I flew this one as passenger many times between YVR to Nanaimo. The co-pilot seat is also offered as a passenger seat (they removed the controls on the co-pilot side) Had the pleasure to be in this seat for a couple of times.


Solution to the water problem!


Tough luck if the pilot faints though :/

I had to include at the bottom of the post, which you may of seen… it just helps clarify a few things.

Everyone, let’s support this!

This plane is one of the safest, reliable, and sturdy planes ever built. It is the gold standard for bush planes.