DGGR's ATC Tracking thread [CLOSED] @


Welcome to my tracking thread, feedback is appreciated!
I’m looking to improve my pattern work skills and controlling two busy frequencies at the same time.

OPEN @ ****

Tower and Ground (Training Server)
= Pattern Work Accepted

I’ll be here for a while.

Pattern work always accepted!

Side Note:
I have 2.3k operations.
Subscription runs out 8th of May
Currently applying for IFATC. (doing written soon)


I’ll be in the assortment of planes doing T&G’s


Should have given you a exit runway command, I was unsure if you would be landing or not.


The visibility is at 1.60km and I’m in a RC plane


Slight problem… And about the weather. Theres a Snow Storm: Im stuck In the house so what better to do than be ATC :)


K I will be there


Closing in 2 minutes

When done Feedback is appreciated ;)


Now Closed, Thanks to all that came.


Sorry I got a little carried away…couldn’t give feedback

  • good use of ground and tower instructions
    ie. “Hold short” and “line up and wait”
  • you cleared me properly but 1 time I remember you cleared me when I was about to turn base by the time you cleared so that was not so good…
    It was a very short session and since I was the only 1 at the time,I couldn’t get a chance to see you sequence



I’ll be staying for a while, come by and do some pattern work ;)


Now closed, good day