DGGR’s ATC tracking thread [closed] @

Welcome to my tracking thread, feedback is appreciated!
I’m looking to improve my pattern work skills and controlling two busy frequencies at the same time.

**Currently @ **

Basic Info
Size restriction:
Landing runways:
Departing runways:

Pattern work always accepted!

Side Note:
I have 2.2k operations.
Subscription runs out 8th of May
Currently applying for IFATC. (doing written soon)

Will be @ ENVA for the next 30-45min

I’ll come out for some patterns :)

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Btw, you spawned in a De-icing stand 👌

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They de-iced my corporate plane ;)

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You might want to turn around ;) it’s not a backtaxi airport.

Yikes, let me do this again. I’m so tired today

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I’ll brb, just 2 minuets

I’ll take photos meanwhile, currently need content to post to Instagram. (It’s a fully Infiniteflight account)

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@DGGR I will come down for some touch & goes;-)

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@PlaneCrazy beware of the wind

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Miss read the names… sorry for that

Please check new weather info.

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Closing in 2-3 min!

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Closing in 20sec

ATC @ ENVA is now closed


  • When you were clearing me for the option, you didn’t need to give me pattern instruction after that because I was not changing runway, and I was making left traffic again

  • You didn’t need to give N202PC pattern entry since he was already in the traffic pattern

Other than that, all looked great from my end!

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Ok, point one. Thanks for the feedback.
But what do you mean for point two?

On that one instance when you told N202PC to enter straight in runway 09, that was pattern entry, and that was not required because he was already in the traffic pattern

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I’m back as ATC again, now at PHNL!
Come by and join some fun. Feedback is appreciated. I’ll try be on for 30min-1h