DGCA grounds 11 a320 neo's. 65 flights cancelled.

The DGCA has grounded 11 a320 neos of IndiGo and GoAir resulting in cancellation of 65 flights. This action was taken after an IndiGo flight which took off from Ahmedabad suffered a mid air engine failure after 40mins from departure. IndiGo currently has 32 neo’s while GoAir has 13.More details here:



Very interesting considering the main part of the NEO’s was to have better engines… 😏


This is horrible…Come on airbus!!!


I don’t think Airbus is at fault here. They put the engines on the aircraft. But it’s the Engine company’s fault.

But anyway. That’s terrible


It’s Pratt & Whitney’s PW1000G engines. Hopefully this won’t affect the other planes.

The EASA says the A320neos are all right while the Directorate General of Civil Aviation in India says they aren’t (source of that info is below)


Really, it’s Pratt&Whitney’s fault here…

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Same case here. Rolls Royce was to blame.



It’s been stripped off it’s ETOPS as well by the FAA. Both engines are having issues, PW are trying to fix the seal I believe it is, that’s the issue. These are pretty bad teething issues and were the reason why Qatar didn’t take the delivery of theirs as they had to operate it in a certain way whic they didn’t want to do.


spirit airlines had a similar problem some time ago forcing them to fly at lower altitudes.

“Thirteen engine removals were due to borescope inspections revealing blocked cooling holes in combustion chamber panels, apparently due to saltier air, and Pratt & Whitney developed and tested a more durable combustor design to address a tone problem, with the fix to be introduced in September.[33] Spirit Airlines reported that the bleed air system froze shut on occasion due to cold temperatures on four of its five A320neos, a problem also experienced by IndiGo, leading Spirit to impose a 30,000 feet (9,100 m) ceiling on their aircraft.[36]”

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