DFW - World’s Busiest Airport

DFW Takes the Crown


What’s the Deal?

Despite COVID-19 and the impact on the aviation industry, Dallas Fort Worth Airport is having a moment in the sun!

Today, August 10, 2020, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) statistics names the airport as the world’s busiest, however the bragging rights are only temporary, unfortunately.

What Does This “Title” Mean?

If an airport had feelings, I’m sure it would be ecstatic. Unfortunately though, as far as I’m aware of, DFW doesn’t know.

Anywho…the bad news is that this title most likely won’t last for long, like mentioned above. Once COVID-19 runs its course and the aviation industry picks up to usual standards, DFW will loose its title.

My Thoughts

Though I’ve never been to DFW, I have heard great things about it. I’m glad to see an unnoticed (relatively speaking) U.S. airport take the crown, however I don’t see it lasting long.


Not for long! Atlanta will be back on top!


Do I get any credit for breaking the news to you?

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They know


Quite the comedic way of announcing it, lol


Strange, I just saw an updated post of August where it said KDFW was the fourth busiest in the US behind ATL, LAX, and ORD

I wrote this before your message in Slack. I was just awaiting moderator approval :)

You can have a cookie though! 🍪

You ruined my joke. 😔

Oooo a whole cookie 😊 I obviously couldn’t walk down to my kitchen and grab that. On serious note, Dallas-Fort Worth airport committee, if you can hear me, congratulations


What do you think the chances are that the Dallas-Fort Worth airport committee reads the IFC?

heck yea!

On a scale from 1-10, 0.

In all seriousness, I couldn’t even fathom I guess.

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what? KATL has been the world’s busiest for a while…

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Well, will find out if they reply to this thread LOL

I’mma press X to doubt here

Whoops. Forgot the adjective there. 😬

Take a look at the edit

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Great topic @Z-Tube! Interesting to see how things change, even in the middle of a pandemic.

Very interesting news! Thank you for sharing!
I know, however, that KATL will take its rightful throne back sooner than later!




Thanks to American for turning DFW into a connection hub, and causing way too many delays in the process 🙂

Atlanta will take the throne again or a new airport will take it.