DFW trip report!

Early Wednesday, I ventured out from a rainy CLT to a warm and humid Dallas-Fort Worth, the site where the 46th annual Airliners International convention would be held.

It started at about 3:30am EDT, when I summoned a ride to the airport for a 5:47am EDT departure, sitting in Seat 22A (wing seat). It was effectively a sold out flight. AA1935 (AAL1935) American Airlines Flight Tracking and History 21-Jun-2023 (KCLT-KMIA) - FlightAware

The way I booked this trip was I first flew through Miami to catch my first domestic widebody flight, a Boeing 777-200ER from MIA to DFW, sitting in Seat 4A.

The flight to Miami was uneventful, just as any flight should be. During boarding, one of the passengers laid their travel suitcase flat in the overhead compartment, despite instruction from a flight attendant to turn it on its side.

I originally had a 1hr 10min layover in Miami, but due to some wicked thunderstorms that had rolled through the night prior, that 1hr 10min layover turned into a 3hr 25min layover (2hr 15 min delay). The gate had some pretty good views of my aircraft.

Eventually, boarding time came around, and I got to my little suite and got settled in.

We pushed back, and taxiied out to Runway 08R at Miami. After takeoff, we tracked north through Florida and got about halfway through Georgia before turning westbound. Our filed cruising altitude was FL380, but we actually got up to FL400. AA1188 (AAL1188) American Airlines Flight Tracking and History 21-Jun-2023 (KMIA-KDFW) - FlightAware

The flight crew were absolutely fantastic, and the meal was presented really well. This was the golden chicken meal, which was absolutely delicious. The chicken had a little kick to it, not overwhelmingly spicy, but just right. The brownie was also very rich-tasting. When I first booked this flight, the main meal option was a breakfast enchilada, but with the delays we must’ve missed the breakfast time for catering.

Our approach into DFW was a little hazy.

I had intended to visit DFW’s Founders Plaza once I had claimed my luggage, but I was too exhausted to go, so I went straight to my hotel and crashed for the night.

The next morning, I spent virtually all day out at Founders Plaza.


Nice trip report! I like the spotting picture at the end!


My home airport, glad to see Dallas getting some love


Yup thats MIA and every other SoFlo airport in the summer

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Every time I see topics about DFW it makes me miss the founders plaza. It was my favorite spotting spot

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The founders plaza is still there!

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Dang right. It’s been tough over here for a couple of weeks now 💀

Great trip report, and great founder’s plaza pics! It’s a little more of a hassle but getting on top of the Grand Hyatt roof is a great spotting experience also.

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I only wonder when DFW will be in Infinite Flight

It’s in OR according to @Asneed8706 !

What is OR I probably forgot what it meant

Official Review

Average day in Florida ☀️🌪️🌩️☀️

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yeah pretty much

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Oh of course lol. Wait, it’s been in OR for how long ?

EDIT: I’ve been back home for a few days now.

I was supposed to fly home nonstop DFW-CLT on Flight 579, and get in a little past midnight on the 26th. My plane got stuck in Philly due to some wild weather up that way on top of a fire at Potomac TRACON, and my plane only made it to Charlotte before American decided to nix Flight 579, so I went back to the hotel that I’d been staying at a few miles south of DFW for one more night.

American rebooked me on a flight out to Charlotte the next morning that would take me through AUS first for a few hours. I left DFW at 7:20am the morning of the 26th, and was at the gate in CLT a little before 3:00 in the afternoon.

What camera did you use for spotting, because even when I go spotting at founders with the newest iPhone(14 Pro Max) it still comes out blurry.

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