DFW Spotting Montage Part 2

Hey Guys,

Recently I went spotting at DFW airport’s founders plaza. I really hope you enjoy these pictures.

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Time for the Photos



Congrats you have reached the end please let me know what you think… I am open for Constructive Criticism

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Woah, these are some truly amazing images overall!


who else though the first picture was an infinite picture! Overall amazing pictures


Great shots!! I especially love the CRJ-900 and the A330.

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Those are amazing man. Just can’t pick a favourite, just can’t. Keep it up man 😉!


american airlines still has 737’s in the old livery? love the photos

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Yeah they’ve still got a few and N950AN is one of them

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Best DFW pics I have ever seen. Try spotting at IAH. BEAUTIFUL AVIATION THERE AND YOUR PICS ARE 👌👌

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Amazing pictures man! Those American E170s are…😍

Nice photos. DFW is one of my fav places to go

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(@JRRaviation be like: Crap, I’ve got a competitor…)

Nice pictures though! They’re beautiful!

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Lol I don’t think so Jacob’s pics are far better and BTW he’s the one who helped me make my edits better

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I love the American 787 :) Great photos!

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Yeah thinking about visiting IAH later this year 😉😉 another Spotting showcase

Those are amazing pictures!

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Don’t worry I have something stored in my sleeves…

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Hey Ani, I know you’re asking for some feedback: I would try and center and make the photos striaght. Texas hit is a b****, and that haze makes your photos look under contrasted. Try and adding more contrast. A few of them are overexposed, which should be easy to fix. Little tip: Shoot in AV with these settings: F9 and ISO 100 for days like these. Great photos!

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Just love the 78’s! They’re beautiful

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Hey thanks for that I used AV ISO 100 and F/6.3 that day

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Yeah you should use F9 for sure.

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