DFW Spotting Locations

Hi, I will be spotting at DFW over thanksgiving break and was looking for a spotting area on the east side of the two runway sets and down by the 35’s end. any help?

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A simple search on the google will do the trick

I’d recommend Founders Plaza.


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@BadPlane what day are you as I’m headed up towards DFW Wednesday

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I will be flying through DFW on Sunday! When will you be there, maybe you can spot me

There’s a parking lot on Construction Road. It’s only good for mornings as it’s backlit in the afternoon/evening.

Just past the two bridges, there’s a right turn. Take that turn, and go up in front of the cemetery. This location is only good in the afternoon for southbound departures only.

@Aviation360 @BadPlane you must have an actual camera with at least a 55-250mm lens to be able to take decent shots from this location

That’s really all of the known spots for the west side.

Actually, I’ve got a spot, but I’m not sure airport ops will let you stay there. I’ll DM you it.

If you’re at Founder’s Plaza, I would suggest walking through the grass up by the fence here:

The aircraft on final are pretty close and you can get a shot like this:


Wednesday through Friday @Aviation360

Ok, i really want lighting behind we for the morning heavies like the JAL 789. I was going to use express parking north for the morning but the winds didn’t cooperate.

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But I’ll be in granbury I’m sure I could convince my step-grandfather’s Man Child side I’m sure he’d love to get that close to the Planes

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I thought of that but the 35’s will be in use not the 16’s. We can continue in a DM.

There’s no 16s at DFW. I’ll draw a diagram of runway usage.

Red is landings.

Green is takeoffs.

Red/Green arrows indicate certain directional usage.

West Side Runways


East Side Runways


Sorry, I ment the 17’s

forgot to save the edit my bad give me a sec

Ok fixed it

@Chris_S This spotting guide can also apply to you :)

@BadPlane I don’t know ay

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