DFW Spotting Locations

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In a week or so, I will be spotting at DFW (I think)

So, does anyone have any suggestions for good places to spot planes?

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If you haven’t googled, that’s a good resource. You can also twitter PM or email the airport if they have an “official” spot.

Check out Founders Plaza. Excellent spotting location.

From a Dallas native…

Howdy! DFW is a great airport for spotting! As mentioned above, Founder’s Plaza is a great location for spotting! You’ll be able to catch some great shots of the arrivals from Founder’s Plaza.

Another great spot is the highway by Founder’s. While I don’t know if it is legal to park on the side of the road and spot, I can assure you from the highway, you will be more close to the arrivals then any other location.

If you need help getting directions to any location at DFW, please let me know and I will be happy to share directions with you!

Happy Flying!

Founders Plaza is nice to get some good shots when they are landing on 18. If they are taking off at the other end it is hard to see unless the bottom of planes is your thing…

The freeway construction messed things up but now it is done stopping on the freeway might cause some issues (Grapevine Police) Stopping on the road between the terminals for a short time is ok, but again DFW police will get if you get out of your car since there are planes crossing on the bridge. Most stop there for their toll ticket to roll over the minutes.

There is a road that goes around (airfield drive) that gives access to some of the buildings but stopping there will be short with DFW police.

South of the Airport might have some spots along Walnut Hill that you can park at when they are landing on the 35/36. Not sure though.

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If you ever go to DAL feel free to shoot me a PM! I have been to DFW many times and founders plaza is the place to go from the 4 times I have been there all of my shots were amazing as the others have said above. I personally like DAL better because you can get in and out quick and move from spot to spot a lot quicker. Also youget some nice shots your more limited in terms of variety of planes but you can get a lot more variety of shots taxi, overhead, and rotation shots.


Thank you all for your responses

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