DFW Spotting Dallas Ft Worth

Hey guys I did some spotting from my trip to DFW went on the skylink it was awesome! The shots! ⬇️

Hope you Iiked them!!


Cool! I’ve been through DFW so many times I could probably make a half hour connection with a blindfold on…lol

Anyways love to see pics of the “big” planes since I havent flown out of a major airport in over 4 years. All I get to see are 172’s and the occasional CRJ when I attend flight training. Better than nothing for sure!

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Cool well good luck with the CRJ I would love to see you in the skies! Good luck with your piloting future! 🙂🙏

Im not quite to the CRJ’s yet lol… Working currently on my Commercial License. Need an ATP to fly those CRJ’s.

Edit: ATP plus a type rating

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Cool man wish u luck!

me an intellectual wondering what a skylink is
Is ThAt A mEtRo?

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It’s a train that takes you around the airport

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I am just trying to get my ppl with a dream to get my atp and go to Envoy

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Here’s some photos from when I last flew out of my home airport

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How far are you along in training? Thats an awesome goal to have!

@Kstate 18.6 hours starting landing training solos on my birthday in September

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Awesome man! Good luck.

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