DFW Spotting Collection October 2017

Greeting IFC Members,

This Sunday (10-15-17) I was at Founders Plaza @ DFW Airport, it was a rare North Flow day to expect some new angles in the below pictures. Some interesting catches included N916AN American 737 with Reno Air Retro livery and The US Airways Heritage livery on an A321

Before the Pictures lets Take Care of Some Business

Please note that all my pictures are copyrighted so contact me if you’d like to reuse them

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Time for the Pictures!!


Constructive Criticism and Feedback is always welcome and greatly appreciated

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Thanks and Enjoy


Wow, amazing photos above! I especially love the shots of the beautiful Amazon Prime 767-300F. Must be more beautiful to see it in person. :)


Wow, those are actually really nice - you seem to have got the colours spot on! Love the Amazon 767… @JRRaviation , go ham ;)

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Nice shots! DFW is an amazing airport


Founders Plaza is a pristine spotting location. I went there back in February. Actually, you probably don’t remember this, but you’re the one who told me about it in the first place. I definitely want to go back; it was amazing.

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Thanks for refreshing my memory I do remember chatting with you in DM and talking about Founders glad all of y’all like the pics

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Amazon Prime Air’s & the Maddog’s are the coolest!

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Do you mean the Prime Air 767?

Indeed I did, I have no idea why I put American…

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