DFW Spotting 10/10/18 With a CS100!

I just got back from the airport after a seven hour spotting session. I took a ton of photos but here are my top ten. All of these were taken with a iPhone 6.

Delta CS100

Emirates 777 and JAL 787

Korean Air 777 and American 777

Spirit A320 Banana Bus

One World 737 American Airlines

Alaskan Airlines 739

Beacon shot 787

Sky West CRJ2

Air Canada CRJ9

One World 777

Qatar 77W
This plane usually lands on runway 17L/R but we got really lucky and it landed on 18R.

This spotting trip was really fun and I’m glad I was able to go. I met some really cool people, that I was able to spot with.

Sorry for the blurry photos


Loved these but it’s actually the Airbus A220. Regardless of which one we like better, it’s officially known as the A220 :D

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Nah… It will forever be the CS100 in my book.


I would like to second this motion


Where is the JAL B789?
And nice pics by the way!!
Especially the beacon shot!!

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Whoops! I posted the wrong photo. That is of the American 777 and the Korean Air 777.

Emirates 777 and JAL 787


Lovely jubbly!!

Airbus was pretty slimy there, Bombardier put so much time and money into the program just to give Airbus a 50.01% stake in it and then Airbus with their majority share decided to name it after themselves…

🤷🏼‍♂️ That’s up to you guys but it’s the A220 regardless of what people think

What was that Skywest CRJ 200 doing? That seems like a steep approach

All of the CRJ200s come in like that. The guy that was here said they did. Kinda cool isn’t it?

Yeah, it just looks weird to me.

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