DFW planespotting

I went planespotting this past Saturday at DFW and got some really awesome shots and I wanted to share them with you guys, so enjoy! (If you wish to use any of these as a wallpaper or for anything else please do, but if are to repost any of these, please give credit)

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American 787 departing for Toyko

American 738 during golden hour

Cargolux 747-8

Emirates 77W bound for Dubai

Korean Air 77W off for Seoul

American 787 on final for runway 18R

American 772 landing at DFW after a flight from Europe

JAL 787 off for Tokyo

Qatar A350 departing DFW for Doha


Nice pics! What’s your lens? And I’m assuming these were taken at Founder’s?

Thank you! Yes Founder’ is correct, and I’m not sure about the lens as i was borrowing my dads because mine doesn’t work sorry…

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The daytime shots are backlit. Mostly because you were spotting in the morning, and Founder’s is an afternoon spot due to the positioning of the sun. The golden hour shots are great, though - however, you missed the perfect lighting by a few minutes.

Yea i realize the the day shots lighting wasn’t the best but that is when those internationals were departing and i had to get them.

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Have you been to Founders post whatever construction they did the past month?

No I have not. I didn’t even know they were doing construction there.

They didn’t do all that much -_____-

Yea i didn’t notice any changes

I believe they added a few water fountains and replaced some benches. Apparently there were rumors circulating that they would have some sort of MD-80 memorial or one of AA’s actual MD-80s at Founder’s.

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ohh ok, Id love to have an md 80 there!

@Speedyyy that’s not the correct poll. That’s a rating poll.

oh wellll, haha that was my first time doing that so i didnt know what i was doing whoops…

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That’s alright. It was @anon24319801 that told me. But the problem was that I kept doing it 😂😂 because I kept forgetting.

oh thats funny lol

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I think your poll got a bit messed up…

The golden hour ones are your best

Yea lol that was my first poll so i didnt know what i was doing, thanks tho!

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I especially liked the departure shots, well done!

thanks very much sir

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That would be cool if they used the super long stretch of grass right next to the UPS hangar

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