DFW needs a little fixin

There’s a few issues with DFW currently in the Sim first the UPS ramp currently cannot hold the 747-8 in infinite flight however UPS regularly flies this aircraft to Dallas. Next only gate 16 X can hold the A380 no other gates are large enough yet on infinite flight every widebody gate at terminal D can hold an A380 and only D16X is a F Class Gate next we are completely missing the corporate aviation terminal and American Airlines cargo terminal on the northside of the airport next the high C gates and Gates D1 to D4 need to be added as these were recently added in real life. Finally currently in Infinite Flight only gate A24 can hold a 787–9 at terminal A yet in real life both the 777-200ER and 787-9 Park at gates
A34,A24,A23X,A21X and A13
I don’t mean to overwhelm anybody But if there’s any editors who are willing to fix this please do it I would hate to see it become 3-D without being fixed first


KDFW has not been reworked in a while, nor does it yet have 3D buildings.

I’m sure when it does get re-done - the issues you’ve highlighted will get fixed.


The airport will be reworked when someone gets around to it. 2D included.