DFW MetroPlex Spotting


Excellent photos especially the Qatar Cargo 777F


Thanks! I’ve got a couple Long Exposures of the QR777


Very nice. Being 6’6" with bad knees, that American Eagle plane is what haunts my nightmares. May be a fine plane but not meant for tall people. I flew weekly trips from DFW to XNA on one of those…huddling in corner

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first class?

Yes. Luckily I have enough miles and my company likes me that I can book those. Sometimes the price difference isnt much so I bite the bullet on those. My very last trip there is when American started sending the A319. It was nicer but the flight was only an hour.

what type of business? don’t have to tell me what it is, i just like flying, airports, science, business maybe i can be you :D.

Chris I know your Pain! I’m just about 6’6 and I fly maybe 10 times a month with Delta. I also have my own plane which is more roomy. I’ve worked up over 100,000+ miles with Delta so I try and Upgrade whenever I can.

get the delta private jet :D.

edit: its real

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Delta Private Jets are nice. I’ve flown one to SXM. It was something we did as a family one time for Vacation.

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If I could afford to fly those every time I would but flying them 10 times a month would be way out of my price range.

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your so rich lol, tell me did u record your experience like videos, photos?

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I’m not rich. My Family paid for it. I just got to go haha. I have a couple pics

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haha i have delta sky miles 100k is a lot congrats! i was there but europe called, send pics

parents do but i technically do :D

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I’ll look for the pics. They’re on my computer so ill re-download them and post.

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k u can pm them to me if u want, or you can post here :).

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I have 3 different Lenses. I’ve got the Basic 18-55mm I’ve got a 75-300mm and a 75-500mm