DFW is huge!

Yesterday I traveled to dallas and went to go visit the airport! Here are some of my best pics from yesterday! There not the best but here they are.

First up we got finnair taxing to its gate

Then we got a very common American E175

Right next to us was the UPS cargo area with Md11’s and the west tower in the back

Then another common American airlines

CARGOLUX landing from Luxemburg

Then a sick 777 shot!

Next is a Star alliance avianca heading to Bogota!

After driving by I saw a 747 singapore cargo and behind is the cargolux with his nose open but you cant see it that good

Lastly are the park shots

Thats it! I didn’t stay there too long because I wanted to explore more of dallas! The spotting park was great! They had live atc on a speaker out there and I totally recommend it if there using the runways!


Nikon D3400



Absolutely Great Mate!;D I really want to go to DFW one day to planespot! And yes it is huge indeedd:D😉😎


Nice shots.


Thank you! Its a great airport!

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Indeed it is:)

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Thank you very much!

Thanks @Pingu ! I totally forgot to change the category lol

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Some great shots!

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Thank you!



Yep! I knew @Ethan_Brown was gonna like this

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Great pictures man!

I had never seen a Singapore Cargo plane. I did not know they had a 747!!


Thank you! Yeah they use the 74’s for cargo and its pretty cool!

Saw this Qatar taxing to his gate from doha

Yes they have 747-400F

Photo taken by me at DFW


Oh thats sick!

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