DFW International Routes

I recently learned that KLM Air France and Lufthansa used to fly to Dallas I want to know what other International airlines fly to Dallas either full time or seasonal must be an existing airline no Pan Am or Baniff


I know that Qatar, British Airways, Qantas (not flying to DFW right now due to covid), Viva Aerobus, Japan Airways, and I think thats it. (Im not local to Dallas so any Dallas locals feel free to correct me!)

You can find all of them here


I have seen Korean before

Oh yeah that too, Korean does fly to Dallas with their 787-9.

Tip, you can go on FlightRadar24 website search any airport you want then choose “routes” it will show you every route the airport serves short, mid,long-haul. and it will show you what airline, aircraft flies it with its flight number.

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I heard that Lufthansa used to fly the A340 and A330 to Dallas does anyone know what KLM and Air France flew

Yes I know that but I’m trying to find airlines that don’t fly there anymore

KLM and Air France both flew the A330-200 in recent years. KLM ended DFW in 2015. Air France last flew to DFW in 2019 and suspended in 2020 with COVID. There’s no indications of them resuming DFW in the near future.

When Air France flew to DFW up until around 9/11, they used the A340-300.

Emirates probably flies there. Correct me if I’m wrong

I know they do I actually saw the expo green 777 in dallas a few weeks ago before Covid they flew the 380 here

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if you want routes, just use Flightradar24

I don’t need rounds and I have like 1000 of them on a route list

The expo green 777-300ER was a cargo-only flight. The current passenger flight is operated with the 777-200LR.

Right before COVID, they were operating the 777-300ER to DFW. They ended A380 operations at DFW in 2015/2016.

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