DFW-HKG In Business Class!

Hey guys, I’m so excited!

In August I’ll be flying from BOS-HKG through DFW in business class with American. My family is moving to Hong Kong and my Dad’s company pays for it. Anyways I’m going to try to make my first trip report for it and share it here as well as do some spotting in Dallas.


Good luck with that. 90% of the traffic is American. If you want specific times on when certain non-American aircraft come in, shoot me a DM.

Ok I follow you on IG also. Unfortunately I have a short layover

Have a great trip onAmericans 77W and good luck on a new life in Hong Kong. I assume your dad got a job there. Good luck to us. It’s hard moving cc ity much less country with completely new customs. Good luck and have fun.

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You do? Lol ok. What time do you get in?


Thanks. My dad flies for FedEx and he’s moving to the 757/67F. I’m can’t wait

Yes I’m bcu.aviation. I think my flight lands at 9AM.

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That’s awesome. You should have no problem moving your fruniture and stuff over there.

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How long is the layover?

Hour and a half. But we might try to fly in the night before

Shame. You won’t get to see the Qantas A380 and most of the good arrivals, then. You might get to see the Korean Air and Emirates 77Ws at the gate, though. I believe the JAL 789, too.

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At that time Emerates might have a A380 flying there

Emirates stopped flying the A388 to KDFW in 2015 as there was not enough demand, which is rather unfortunate.

I saw something just last year that they brought it back in October

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Ok, thx for the info

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