DFW Flyout

Today I hosted a DFW flyout! I had a great turnout, with 40 people (give or take). Everything ran smoothly. Thanks to all who came!

Server: Expert
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800

Terminal C with a 737 extravaganza

Some international terminal action

The line for runway 36R

Chris S rotates in his TWA 737

More 737 action, this time on runway 35L

Many have departed, but the remnants of the line still remain

Climbing out of DFW, and heading towards DEN

Short final for runway 17R in Denver

Thanks so much for checking out my photos! I had a blast at the event, and am looking forward to doing more!


That’s a lot of American Airlines…

I know it’s a hub

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aw my shiny astrojet didn’t make the photos

It was so close! Unfortunately, lighting and timing didn’t work out. You have been on quite the journey in that thing 😃

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Yes I have. I do stuff like that all the time

Nice photo very clear to 👍👊🏼👋

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Great pictures (especially the one with the American-TWA livery is a stunner!), thanks for sharing!

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I am gonna make a Timelapse for the flight I did for the Flyout in the future

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All in all it was a great event!

Me too. I still have 10hrs left

Where you headed? Tokyo?

OTHH Doha 787-8

Nice I remember hearing that qatar in atc

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I see my self in 3 pics! again what a wonderful job by @Will_A for this event :)

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Lovely seeing all the Americans airlines

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Great pics! Even got one of me in the crj200 front of spirit in the long line for 35L.
Enjoyed the event! Great Job @Will_A

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These are quite awesome, great job! Wish I could have come.

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Is there active ATC in DFW?

Thanks for hosting! This was the first time I have stopped by DFW in over a year! I had a pretty smooth flight to San Jose (SJC/KSJC). Thanks for hosting! :D