DFW airport during pandemic

Man, it is weird to see this airport like this. I am staying at the Hyatt in DFW. The airport is running at a fraction of normal operation. What used to be one of the busiest airport I’ve been to has turned into another Memphis international airport: little commercial service. However, here are a few photos I got. (Sorry for bad quality, this is my first time spotting and taking pictures)

There is nothing like plane-spotting while eating your overpriced snickers bar.


Amazing shots! Keep it up!

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I was just a DFW in IF

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Nice shots!

It’s technically still the busiest in the world in terms of number of flights 😉

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You got me there.

I edited in more planes.

Hate to be that person but… you have more than 10 photos. Which means you need to remove a few to have meet the 10 photos limit.

I changed it now.

I mean you are or you aren’t… if you hate being that guy maybe just let someone else take the position

Or just leave it


Not bad, but next time please follow the guidelines. The photo quality should be good enough for us to read a registration on one of the aircrafts.

Anyway, quite a bunch of interesting photos you have there ;)

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I’m sorry, my iPad is not a good camera.

Ah, yes. American, American, and more American. Did you see anything else? Probably not.

How did you get up there? Did you pay?

This is a hotel. The other airlines were airlines I have never heard of before

Yes, the Grand Hyatt. Did you pay to get on the deck?

Obviously… This is my hotel room.

So that’s from your hotel room, and not from the rooftop deck?

Yeah, this is my hotel room.

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Nice choice! American Airlines! Lol. That snickers bar…ooh my favorite too.

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Lol. Snickers is good. The thing was 6 bucks though😩

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Yeah they have high prices.

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