DFW 2021 - Turkish Inaugural, Antonovs, Sunsets - Precursor to DFW's Historic Year

DFW Airport had a rather fun 2021. It started off alright but finished absurdly strong with back-to-back air service announcements. Here are my best pictures this year while spotting around the airport.

All photos were taken with an iPhone 7 Plus or 12 Pro 😉

Qatar Airways Airbus A350-1000 with Sunset

This is my favorite picture taken this year. While waiting for the inaugural Turkish Airlines flight, there was this stunning sunset. A Qatar Airways A350-1000 taxied by Terminal D and perfectly aligned with the sunset. Additionally, there’s an Antonov An-124 in the background.

Antonov An-124 Landing

DFW Airport saw a handful of Antonov’s this year. This picture was taken last week at Founder’s Plaza.

Double Parked American Airlines Boeing 777-200ERs

United Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Arrival

American Airlines “TWA Retro Livery” Boeing 737-800

American Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8 Taking Off

Despite being the second busiest airport in the United States, DFW Airport lacks Boeing 737 MAXs. American usually flies a single daily 737 MAX 8 to Miami and United recently started to bring in some of their new MAX 8s. In 2022, American will add more 737 MAX 8 flights to DFW and Alaska will start 737 MAX 9 flights from Seattle.

Turkish Airlines’ Inaugural Flight to DFW

This is the most exciting new flight for DFW that launched during 2021. Turkish Airlines commenced four weekly flights from Istanbul to Dallas/Fort Worth three months ago. In May 2022, Turkish will ramp up flights to daily.

American Eagle Embraer 175 with Nice Lighting

Qatar Airways Boeing 777-200LR Sunset

DFW Airport “Foreign Side” Terminal D Sunset

This side of Terminal D that houses the “foreign airlines” will be much different during the afternoons next year. Emirates will be gone because they’re moving back to their morning timings. Instead, this side will be filled with more variety of airlines and aircraft… Iberia and Finnair will begin flying to DFW. British Airways will operate its first-ever A380 flights from London to DFW. Turkish will add more flights. Air France will return after 2.5 years, this time with the 787-9 instead of the A330. Spotting at DFW will be significantly better in 2022.

2021 was solid for DFW Airport, but 2022 will certainly be a historic year for DFW spotting with the addition of two new airlines, the return of the Airbus A380 with a different airline, Air France, and more flights from foreign airlines.

What do you all think of my photos? Which one was your favorite?


Dayum The sunset shots are on Fire!

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Awesome photos @Ishrion! This are some awesome sunsets and sweet catches! Hopefully we can steal some of those heavies up here! I’m sure you will know before I do if any of them start flying here 🤪

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I use a camera and my pics aren’t this good great job

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Thank you!

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These pictures are the best I’ve seen in a while 🔥

All taken with an iPhone 🤯

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To have been taken with an iPhone, those are pretty impressive!

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Awesome shots, love the lighting in these. That ramp shot is something else (in a good way obviously).

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